Saturday, December 18, 2010

When All Else Fails... Frittata

The other day was the WORST I've ever had in the kitchen.  My pizza dough didn't rise (I blame the yeast not surviving the trip over here), so after a couple of attempts at "saving" it, all of the pizza ingredients (potatoes, pesto, roasted tomatoes, and raclette cheese) ended up in a frittata.  Which was tasty, but a pizza it was not.

And this, this:
This is a flippety-flopped ricotta cake (of course, I couldn't find ricotta here, so I used fromage frais, which is kind of a French version).  It looks like a messy cake that just fell out of the pan wrong, but I assure you it was mushy inside.  Gross.  I basically spent half a day in the kitchen just to end up making a damn frittata.  What can I say?  Some days it all comes together, some days it doesn't.