Thursday, December 2, 2010


Making like Mabel.  Whatever, that was my outfit before it ever found her lifeless form.

Moto-sweater (I know you can't see it, but trust me) H&M, shirt Gap, skirt J. Crew, tights UO, socks Anthro, shoes Opening Ceremony, necklace Jamie Rodriguez.

Oh boy, did I splurge on this when I first started at A&F.  Jami Rodriguez's shipwreck necklace.  Look at all the spoils that octopus is hoarding!

Socks on tights for warmth.  Jeans be damned!

And then this happened...

Well, it was actually yesterday, but bear with me.  It is FREEZING here.  We're talking arctic, friends.  I went out yesterday to pick up a few things.  I was hatted, hooded, mittened, booted, and wearing a wool coat made in Finland--and I was still cold.  I turned the corner and was heading down the slope of Chaussee d'Alsemberg in my fine neighborhood when I hear something.  Or feel something?  Next thing I know, beads!  Beads!  Beads are rolling down the slope in front of me!  Beads are coming out from my coat!  My necklace (which was my momma's) has broken.

Brumpf!!!!  Of all the days/times/places.

Maybe the cold snapped it right apart.

So there I am, mittens off (so, so cold) chasing after beads while nimbly avoiding what is now frozen and flattened dog poop (the "forgotten" dog detritus knows no season here and weathers appropriately, if you must know) and trying to avoid other people and cars.

Of course it happened on a freaking hill.

And the necklace didn't give it all up at once, the rest of my walk was punctuated with randomly falling beads, necessitating a mitten removal each time.  (I remind you, it is bitterly cold here.)  This happened maybe 10-12 more times.  Oh, and there were beads in both of my boots, so I was penanced by my necklace for taking it out in the cold.  Each step was painful.  As I said to someone, I realized--as I was there squatting to pick up beads off the poo-riddled sidewalk trying not to snot all over myself--that I am above nothing.

Now I have to re-string the damn thing.