Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mini Buche de Noel

What's in the box, you ask?

A special treat in honor of Keegan and Melinda's arrival...

Three-fourths of a buche de noel!

(This was after the four of us had gotten into it.)

I have been obsessed with the buche de noel of late.  How could you not be with photos like these??  Seriously.  I totally would put squirrels on mine.  Marzipan squirrels... or maybe cute little bunnies with hollyberry collars?  Oh, it's a dream!  Or maybe holly berries and leaves on the log with Norwegian forest kitties in top hats?!  Or maybe just a giant xmas sloth chillin' on top of the whole thing!  Yes, yes... the Christmas sloth it is.  Fantastico!

Delicious (not dry at all... *wink*!) and crapped up with plenty of plastic-y xmas trinkets.  It's a kitch-tacular Christmas here, people.

And here I am in my fancy BDN (yo, you know what it stands for) attire.
Dress Minimarket, new snazzy necklace ?.

See, I told you it was snazzy!

Happy Christmas logs to you all!