Thursday, December 30, 2010

Emery et Cie

Emery et Cie is a showroom of tiles and rugs and fabrics and paints and furniture like nothing you've ever seen (unless you've already been).  You walk into a small room of tiles, which are nice and all, but you must push past and up the stairs and then it begins to set in that you are someplace magical.

You wander through rooms entirely tiled, you trip on uneven flooring as you turn off into a hallway of one-of-a-kind metal chairs leading nowhere, you think you keep noticing the same screenprinted animal fabric but it's slightly different, you wonder if you really need all 36 colors of the same lacquered bowl (you do, you must), you try to imagine what this crazy and drafty and majestically dilapidated mansion (or is it actually two put together?) once was, you consider taking out a loan to make this your mise en scene in real life.