Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

China Blogging

Check this!  I am in China.  And I am blogging about it!  And not from a mobile device, either!

I am expecting a knock at the door any minute...

I will share with you some random thoughts I have had in the past few days.  And maybe if I get the ol' iPhone attached in the next day or so, I will even have some photos to share.  (Take that, China!)  But until then:

Two separate people asked me if I was Russian yesterday, making me rethink my whole outfit and feel generally insulted. 

I have led multiple conversations on the topic of how European people (and one particular person I work with) think it's OK to stereotype other cultures.  I am a hypocrite. (See above.)

I skipped lunch yesterday and had the best Snickers bar and Oreo cookie I have ever had, even though I am pretty sure they were toxic.

One of the Jolie-Pitt kids is going to turn out bad.  I see Maddox cracked out and talking to whoever's Larry King in 20 years, selling the secrets, selling the secrets.  But maybe it will be Zahara?

There was a mill at the fabric show called Rabbitbaby.  Do you think it was a reference to how quickly they can duplicate things-slash-multiply? Oh, I wanted to give them so much business then and there, but their fabrics were crap.  Boo.

The McDonald's at the Shanghai Expo had a 6-pack of McNuggets with every order.  You could not NOT get McNuggets.  Not-NOT McNUGGETS!

Why does Budweiser still come with a pop-top?  Hello, 1987.

I am starting to think that hairy crab, though a delicious delicacy ('tis the season!), might be more trouble to eat than it's worth.  I seriously stymied a dinner the other night due to my hairy crab inefficiency.  And I cut my fingers up a little bit, too. 

I stayed up late last night to watch the World Sport (no ess, people) report to get the l-d on the World Series and it was the third story in, after two rounds of commericals.  Just a reminder that the World Series is not actually a WORLD event and the Rugby World Cup is.  But I will always care about the World Series more.  (Go Cards!)

I finally got up the nerve to ask why so many Chinese men grow a pinkie-finger nail (or both) so long and was answered with an ear-picking gesture and accompanying sound.  (!)  Though there is some bs about growing it longer than the top joint in the ring finger for luck, it confirmed all my suspicions.  Y-U-C-K.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stuff on Walls #7

A quickie before I peace-out to Asia-r.

Prend Bruxelles...

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dogs Recently


Now you've done it!

This guy couldn't handle our presence and had to be put right inside.  I felt kinda bad about the whole thing, especially since we scurried right off and he could have napped outside all afternoon.

But this guy was super-chill.  Maybe because he was at a hookah spot? 

Swedish Eating

The Swedish Cultural Center here in Paris has the most charming café.  It's all simple and yummy and beautiful and made right before your eyes.  But really, the tablecloths are the best part.

Huitres et crepinette at Coinstot Vino.


Stuff on Walls #104

A banner week for stuff on walls... and the ground.

Outside an elementary school.


Is that you, Sarko?

Momma or MTV raps?

Night prowlers.

This guy.

Cubby surprise.

I have been chasing this truck and trying to get the illustration.  I finally found it parked unattended... yes!