Thursday, December 9, 2010

Only in Belgium (and possibly France)

Langues de chat.  Caramel-filled chocolate cat faces with tongues out, of course.

Le Larry is a delicious artisanal chevre that is so smooth it tastes like butter.  But "Le Larry", really?  This is the cheese with a sweaty glow who will "accidentally" touch your butt at the bar.

FROZEN SUSHI?!?  I know it's hard to find good sushi in Brussels (they will melt cheese on sushi here--no joke), but this just shows how little respect or understanding or I-don't-know-what that the culture here has for sushi.  YOU CAN'T FREEZE SUSHI.  This product should not exist.

I am also enormously bothered by the fact it says "10 SUSHI" on the box.  PIECES of sushi, anyone?  Whatever "Escal", not only do you look dumb but you sound dumb, too.

This is something I've furrowed my brow at for a while now.  (And you must know, I risked looking like a crazy taking a picture of sanitary supplies while the grocery manager was in the same row.  I put myself out there for you people, know that.)  At the Match (our local grocery store), all of the boxes of pads are OPEN and an example pad has been affixed to the outside of the box.  WHAT?

A few things at issue here:  Are the pads sold on an individual basis?  (There are pads missing from the boxes.)  (And if so, isn't it gross to think that any-ol-body's mitts have dug into a box of personal care items that are partitioned at public will?)  Are the pads on an honor system--a need-a-pad, take-a-pad kinda thing, like pennies?  Was there an issue with the boxes not representing accurately the type of pad inside so that such a display ensued?  (I know some of the cranky Belgian ladies I see here would not be above returning an open box of feminine sanitary product.)

Whatever the reason, it really bugs me.  I'm a lady and all, but keep that shizz in a box please.