Saturday, April 30, 2011

Around the Marais

 The gardens of the Musee Carnavalet in bloom.

Look at those tulips!

 And this broad!

Sad elephant.


And what are these ruffians doing??  Playing football.  FootBALL.  

Does anyone mind a sign anymore?

 The king of the Marais.

Pont Alexander III

I thought the Pont Neuf was pretty rad... but then I encountered the Pont Alexander III.  Now that's a bridge!  I'm sure bridge building over the Seine is a form of a pissing contest, so somebody really wanted to take the prize with this one.

You win, pal.  You win.


The Perfect Sunday Afternoon

Seen About Town

 Above Newman.

 Elf love creeps me out.

"Anybody else see that baguette right there?"


Oops...  Found some more randoms from my last Asia trip.

It looks like these ersatz Monchichis come with surgical masks.  Because off-brand monkey dolls don't wanna get the bird flu, either, yo.

This punky poodle works the newsstand outside of the TW offices in Shanghai.

 Is your appointment with MegaDream Corporation, Sharp Horn Textile, ABC Wig Factory, Hop Hing Umbrella, Wily Display, or Burning International?

Burning International???

So many different things can be fulfilled in one building!

Paris, A While Back

Here are some oldies from wandering with B weeeeeeeeeeks ago.

RIP Biggie.
Byron thinks it sounds like he's got a sandwich in his mouth when he raps.  And it sorta does.  heh.

This is the park at the tip of the Ile de la Cite.  It's a pretty awesome place to hang.  And this duck came and took a nap right by us, so you know it's chill.

Perhaps you've heard about the "love locks" on the bridges?  I guess the city was fed up with them and took a bunch down, but tons still abound.  I think they are sweet, but I guess I could see how too many would ruin a landmark.

This one is fancy because it's all engraved and shizz.

This is the Pont Neuf bridge.  It was built under Henris the III and IV and finished in 1603.  It is said that Henri IV had each of his advisors immortalized on the bridge.

Check those advisors, craggy for all eternity.

I don't know what this actually is, but I call it the "Barf Fountain."