Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's A Blurrrrr

Still not doing much cooking/baking because of the rheum from hell.  But at least I'm managing to put together outfits that are leave-the-house-able again...

 Love this "England" sweater from J.Crew.

And this pirate's from Patch NYC, which used to have a different aesthetic, but I'm glad the brand's still around.  They did a nice collabo with Anthro a year or so ago and I do dig the candles and pillows on the website, but everything used to be much quirkier.  Like articulated pirate necklaces and metallic clutch purses in the shape of weiner dogs.  You can also see the England sweater in more detail here.

The ubiquitous OC boot.  I am getting my money's worth with these.  And yesterday on the metro I saw a girl with a great haircut who was wearing the tie-dyed velvet version.  I so wanted to point to my boots and say, "Let's be friends" in French, but I couldn't orchestrate the whole thing fast enough.  That and I'm a wimp.  

The whole shebang, so very dark.  Also, I took off the clips today to move the experimental jeans to a less conspicuous part of the courtyard (why did it take me so long?) and they stuck to the line on their own.  They can best be described as "crispy."  I have no doubt that they could also be harboring some other life form--creepy crawlies, perhaps, and at the very least mold.  I am glad they are not mine.  I experiment with my clothes by sewing colorful rickrack on or changing up the buttons.  This whole leaving-the-jeans-outside-for-month-upon-month is a man's game.  Yuck.