Thursday, December 23, 2010

Keegan and Melinda Take Brussels, Day 1

A rundown of our first day in photos.  You, too, could have this much fun if you come visit!

A wide shot of that hilarious Christmas monster!  Santa seems to love him.

 And a shot of the equally hilarious frites monster.... the boy takes his mayo like a local.

Here is his pretty sidekick, photographing a mass of santa-hatted schoolchildren sledding.  It really was something.

Sausage guy handles some meat.

Choco "NAD's" are funny... and delicious.
(I know, grow up.)

We made a new goth friend at the reindeer/archery booth.
Well, sort of.
I was excited about my carte blanche to photograph him since Keegan bought some reindeer pelts, but then when confronted with his eyeliner and his nails filed to points and his long victorian coat and his cape-pelt, I got shy.  This man could see my soul;  he would know I was photographing for the funnies.  Hurm.
But still, he's quite a specimen, no?

And this!  More HOT mojitos in the form of MOJITO TEA?!?  Noooooooooooo.

Of course we went to see the little pisser, who was all done up for the holiday and letting it flow just like a drunk mall santa.

 Look how beautiful the Grand Place is come Christmastime:

The light show on the buildings was incredible:

The wet streets make everything look postcard-worthy.