Thursday, December 9, 2010


Clothes Poney-approved xmas idears for you and yours.

From the top:  Jack the Ripper Mouse, Vampire Mouse, and Ziggy Stardust Mouse from Eden & Eden.  Thanks to Eden & Eden in SF, I discovered both Tatty Divine and Comfort Station oh so many years ago.  I am forever indebted.

Dagnammit!  I didn't save the link of where I found these buggers and now I can't locate them on the interwebs for the life of me!  I know that they are made-to-order Marcel Dzama pendants done up in precious metals with precious stones.  Not much of that is apparent from the photo here, but I'm sure in real life they are amazing.  Well, they are amazing in concept anyway, the concept being that one Marcel Dzama (sexy artpants, himself) will make one of these for you if you order it.  Yeah, they're not lying around somewhere;  you need to put up the funds and you will get one.  These = fancy.

Eskell's Belissima compact mirrors are cutie-patootie! (From Refinery 29 shops.)

Leather belt with mini bag from Le Train Bleu.

I'm sure the quality is crap (it's listed as being poly/cotton, hmm....) but I am mad for this Peter Jensen sweater from UO.  The collabs they've nabbed since I've left are really something to write home about.  As in, writing home to ask mom to buy me some things in US-dollah-dollahs...

Leopard coat from Wren via Refinery 29 shops.  I would wear this every day, wouldn't YOU?  I don't care if I have to layer over it because of this damn Brussels weather, but this jacket would be a constant on my frame.

"Diamond" studs from Frances May.  Shhh... they're really quartz, which don't necessarily make 'em cheap neither.

RGB nail lacquer in Steel from Frances May.  This is my attempt to replicate the Uslu Airlines + Bernhard Willhem collabo polish I bought at Collette (which is totally pants* now, btw.  Still worth a gander, but basically no thanks.) years ago and spent, like $25 on only to have it get gummy in about a month.  Boo.  But this is the color, is it not?  Matte grey.

* Thanks to Kim for recently reminding me how much I like the word pants when used as such.

No6 aviator shearling boots, someday you will be mine.  I ache for some boots with real shearling on the inside, and No6 makes a damn nice boot.  Totally weatherproof, too.  (Take that Swedish Hasbeens with your wet-weather warnings.)

Pip keyring by Belgian designer Frederic Gooris for Alessi.

Welles drawstring pouch from Hayden-Harnett.  Love the colored braided cord!  And it's the perfect size, too.

I know this isn't, like, brand new or anything, but I love Comme des Garcons collaboration with Monocle's fragrance Hinoki.  It smells like church.  Or smoke.  Or a church on fire?  All I know is, I can't get enough of it.

Sliced music necklace from Comfort Station.  I have another Comfort Station necklace that is a small golden book filled with drawings from the Victoria & Albert museum.  I think this is definitely the update.  Like the longer length, too.

Bonny tights from Luna & Curious.  Look out, she's packing... style!

This is the newest scent from Frederic Malle:  Portrait of a Lady.  The sweetest girl (with the best lipstick... I was smitten!) at the Dries Van Noten store in Antwerp introduced Tracy and I to it the other week.  They didn't have it in store yet, but she let us sample from their advance bottle.  Oh boy, is it good.  And it's the most expensive of the Editions de Parfums fragrances to date.  Of course.

This naughty cat memo pad from Tigertree reminds me of my own little naughty kitty.  


I know somebody who would be overjoyed if this doughnut maker (from Sunbeam available at Amazon) became a fixture in our kitchen.

Saw this Alessi nativity (from Fitzu) in Antwerp.  It's so cute!  Look how happy that baby jeebus is!  And there are all sorts of other add-on characters you can buy.  

And for even the tiniest wranglers... a knitted cowboy "babygrow" from Luna & Curious.