Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Poms and Puffs

And all things furry!

The other day there was this:
Vintage Levi's button-down with vintage cashmere sweater, crazy fur-lady pin, and what appears to be a Habsburg jaw.  Yikes.

But back to the fur lady!  I snagged her at one of Philly's ubiquitous summer flea markets.  She's more made up than I am!  And wouldja look at that eyebrow?  Girlfriend needs to chill out with the pencil.

And then there was this:
Corduroy jumper old Urban Outfitters, l/s shirt Gap, tights Hansel from Basel, shoes Rachel Comey, necklace Digby & Iona.  (Hey, I'm not wearing those OC boots!  For once!)

Peacock clip from UO.

I changed out the buttons on the jumper to these vintage owls.  Cute!  But where are the poms, you ask...

Here!  On the cabled tights from Hansel from Basel!  If you aren't familiar with this brand, you should follow the link.  Come to notice, the pom tights are now on sale.  Wanna be pom-tights buddies?  Go get yourself a pair!  Then you can come over for tea in your new pom tights!  Everything I own from Hansel from Basel's really good quality and holds up, so it's worth it to pay a little more for a really nice pair of tights or socks, I think.
Do it.

And finally, today:
Sweater J. Crew, jeans Levi's, boots Opening Ceremony (did you think I could go more than a day without?), and bunny ball necklace by me.

These jeans were in the donat-o (pronounced just like the pizza joint in Cbus) pile because I *never* wear them (in honor of the move to Paris, I am sacrificing more clothes in advance), but I salvaged them today when I not only was itching for a jean but for a super high-waisted one.  Too bad you can't see it here, but they're really vintage-y and hit me above the belly button and then flare into a nice wide leg.  So they've been spared;  never know when the yen for a high-waist jean is gonna return... and I'll be ready.  heh.

The sweater has this magical ski slope graphic  (check out the peeps on the lift at right) all over that makes me happy.

And the bunny ball?  Well, he was part of a larger set of bunny balls (which I mistakenly referred to as "mink balls" upon purchase at Wilbur in Philly last year) but recently decided it was not to be his fate.   After it popped off, I put it on some clear fishing line with a gold clasp and--voila--a new bunny ball necklace!  I think he wanted the entire spotlight to himself in the end.

I love it off of the clear thread.

And these.  I go through phases of having tons of crap on my wrist and I'm squarely in one now.  I dug out all of my gold and bead bracelets from the late '80s/early '90s.  I don't know if it was only a St. Louis thing, but I can remember girls a little older than I having armfuls of these bracelets.  The more the better!  It became a status thing.  (My babysitter at the time, a girl called Ruthie Rockman, had the most I'd ever seen.  It made her exceptionally cool.)  Though I amassed mine slowly, I ended up with a pretty big stash in the end... just in time for the fad to die.  They all came from a place called Tiger's Eye in Ladue, where you could pick out your stone beads and have your bracelet made.  I love wearing them again.  I love the subtle noise they make.  And I love the whole mass of them.