Wednesday, November 3, 2010


What a dynamic pose!  Man, every time I walk into the J. Crew at Frontenac, I score a great deal.  I got this plaid wool ruffle skirt for something like $39.99.  Nice.

Cardigan Gap, l/s shirt F21, skirt J. Crew, leggings UO, boots Frye, lucite bangle Mom.

Oh boy!  This dress is the best!  Found this on the "party" rack at whatever the heck the Rag-O-Rama in the Loop is called nowadays.  I guess I'd like to think that my life is always a party because I straight-up rock the "party rack" looks on, say, a Tuesday afternoon.  But really, I think that whoever's stocking the party rack could turn their crazy meter up a bit.

Dress Gitano (Yes, like old '80s Gitano!  So good!), necklace Digby & Iona, boots Frye.

Hilde has no interest in the old French textbook I found in the basement.  Don't worry, I will keep working on her "miaou"...