Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mexican Bakery Wars

You know how enamored of Diana's Bakery I am.  So when some friends suggested I hit up El Chico Bakery just down the street I was a smidge wary.  How could El Chico hold a candle to Diana?!?

I don't think they had as large of a selection as Diana's, but it was all fresh and smelled incredible.  I lucked out that they still had some tamales left (Saturday = tamale-day) around 3 pm.  Said tamales were pulled from a plastic cooler, so I knew they'd be good.  Pardon my french, but you know shit's legit when it comes from someone's mom or grandma's personal cooler.  

The tamales were delicious.  They were "mild" red tamales yet had just enough spice.  The masa was moist and well-flavored.  The tres leches cake was not as saturated as Diana's version, and honestly I like my TL pretty wet, so the point goes to Diana's there. 

Also tried a pumpkin empanada, which was good, but could have been more, um... fried.  As in crispy.  But the flavor was good.  And props for seasonal flavor offerings.

All in all, another gem on Cherokee Street.  And this one's got eat-in seating.  At Diana's, it's only to-go. Anyway, try 'em both yourself and decide.  I'm calling it a draw.