Sunday, November 21, 2010

'Twerpen with Trace

First thing to do?  Get some croquettes!

This is the magical lighthouse of croquettes.  It is the beacon of fried goodness at the market.

And here are its delights!  We had cheese, Ganda ham and cheese, crevette (those mini grey shrimp), and pheasant foie gras with port.  The cheese and ham and cheese varieties tied for the title of favorite.  Mmmm....

Celery root as big as your head!


Even the malls are pretty in Antwerp.

A chocolate zwarte piet with marzipan piggies.

You can see his clown face better in the white version.  More on zwarte piet later, I'm sure....

 A long-haired weiner dog outside H&M.


Why can't this dress be in big people sizes?!?  I want the whole outfit!

Another dogger.

Crazy chocolate display, complete with moving boat.

Window beagle.  He looks creeped out by the photos overlooking him.  Poor guy.

This is Midas.  He is our new ATM friend.

He is a Seelyham Terrier.  Cute!

T & B at Fiskebar's oyster bar next door to their main resto.

Delicious grilled scallops.

Tsumori Chisato print.  Good for a winter's day.