Sunday, November 21, 2010

Euro Toys

We've been in and out of all the best toy stores in town since Tracy's been here.  Even though I don't have kids, I can really appreciate the quality and aesthetic of the toys here.  I was especially taken with the incredible stuffed animals.  Sure, you've got your Steiff creatures, which are historically gorgeous and of the top quality.

But I found another brand I fell in love with--Kosen.  (You have to check the link... and then go to the selection of cats, of course!)  They are all handmade in Germany--hand stitched and painted.  Just lovely.  I think I stood there, examining all of them, for an inappropriately long measure of time.  But just LOOK at them!

OK, so this guy's not a Steiff or a Kosen, but he totally deserves to be up here.  Look at all of his crazy "birdfur"!