Saturday, November 20, 2010

Back to Brussels

The trip back with Jack went soooo smoothly.  Well, beyond the check-in at the airport in St. Lou (sorry for the cursing, Mom), really.  But overall things were great.  Tracy was WAITING for me at the baggage claim in Brussels--believe it!  I have never been so relieved.  And of course the customs agents in Brussels barely could manage to review Jack's papers.  I swear, anyone want to smuggle an animal into Belgium?!?  Ain't no thing!

Wedged in.  Too much stuff.

At the airport in Chicago.  Those "exercise shoes" are a blight, I tell you.  A BLIGHT!

Look how happy he is at his temporary digs in B-town, despite the fact that his kitty host has been downright rude.  (Oh, the hissing!)  Sorry about that, Jack.