Thursday, November 11, 2010

Family Fashion

This is Elliot.  I want that outfit.  The pink hair poof, the ballerina skirt, the silver glitter boots.  It is perfection.  She is clearly the coolest girl around.  Look at her pulling hair and taking names.

They need to make these big-people sized because I want them in my life, on my feets.

This is Tyler.  He is practicing his lounge act, which is tailored to a cat audience (namely, Hilde).  The check shirt says he means business, but the colored keyboard implies that a feline-friendly party is about to be thrown down.  Ain't no party like a kitty-cat party 'cause a kitty-cat party don't stop!

And these lovelies are Aunts Louise and Helen.  Especially loving the polka dots and stripes here.  Tres chic!