Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A real live bouquet... and more!

Happy birthday to ME!  My mom and dad sent me a picture of the real live "bouquet" they had for me in St. Louis.  They also sent me a video of Aunt Helen, Uncle Bernie, Aunt Louise, and my dad singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles on a cake for me.  (There was even some controversy over an apparent "trick" candle at the end, but my dad managed to take it out.)  It was really great to see everyone!  Too bad I couldn't share in the cake, but as you will see I had a very nice dinner here.  

We went to Le Fruit Defendu on Rue Tenbosch for dinner.  It's a cute place that's virtually catty-corner from our current apartment.  It's really charming and small and all of the offerings change daily and are written on a blackboard that they bring around to your table.  This is really the only way, as far as I'm concerned.  We scored a spot on the terrace without a reservation and got right to it.

This was the amuse.  A marinated beef salad on the left (so simple:  beef, garlic, lime juice, onion), and a seafood mouse of sorts on the right.  Note the sole saltine standing by....

This was the lobster ravioli we shared.  Unlike many lobster ravioli I have had, it was quite light and not too creamy.  I swear, the filling was just lobster--so good!  And the sauce had an air of cinnamon to it.  

The winner of the night!  Swordfish with an octopus and artichoke vinaigrette over squid ink noodles.  It was incredible.  I think Byron was jealous, but the birthday gods saw to it that my food was tops.  He can best me (foodwise) on his birthday!

This was Byron's grilled sea bass.  Good, but no swordfish.  :)

And this was the molten chocolate cake, bien sur!  Well, what was left of it by the time I remembered to take a photo.  Dee-lish!