Friday, May 7, 2010

Toucan Sur Mer

We went to a place around the corner for dinner the other night: Toucan Sur Mer. There is actually another part of the restaurant that's just called "Toucan" that serves meats and stuff, but we went to the seafood part of the resto, hence the "mer." Anyway, I hope you're ready for the spectacle to follow...

I was really into the quartz chandy over the bar area. Seemed like a nice, quaint place... until they threw THIS on our table:

The Toucan platter for two. Holy moses! I had to reconfirm with the waitress that she'd given us the correct platter because certainly this had to be the 118 euro version... but no, this was the 56 euro version. All of this fresh-ass seafood for 56 euros?? Where do I sign?

We didn't quite know what everything was on the platter, so she gave us an English description. And I still don't really know what all of the species are... and maybe I don't want to. It sure was good, though. Two types of snails, two types of shrimp, 4 kinds of oysters, mussels, clams... oh, here's what they said it was: "Whelks, winkels, pink shrimps, grey shrinps, etrilles, normandies, belon no5 (all oysters, me thinks), clams, praires, palourdes, mussels, and amandes." Hmm... I thought that last word actually meant "almond," so, yeah, the English translation is suspect. At least the seafood wasn't.

Look! It's bigger than Byron!

Snailies... with wires to pull them out.

So. Good.