Monday, May 10, 2010


Saturday lunch at Comocomo (Rue Antoine Dansaert 19). Comocomo serves Basque pintxos, which are small tapas-style treats. But they get them to you on a conveyor belt, see? Much like the sushi boat restaurants in SF that delighted me so. The plates are color-coded so that all of the black plates feature meat, the blue seafood, etc. And then they charge you for how many plates you've stacked up at the end. (Oh, and the more you eat, the cheaper the plates become.) It's a great concept for a restaurant, but the food was probably a B-. I would try it again, though.

Witness the conveyor belt in action. One piece of calamari remains, keeping his shrimp buddy company.

Byron destroys aforementioned shrimp. There is always the question of eating the head. What is the protocol there? If it's all deep fried, yes? I mean, in Asia (or at Kihachi in Cbus) I'll go head first with a shrimp, but here we left them on the plate.

Sesame-crusted frog legs. These were a big disappointment. The sesame seeds really overpowered everything, so you couldn't really taste the frog. And the pool of goop under them on the plate was just kinda yucky looking.

Churros go by.

The damage.