Friday, May 28, 2010

StL Times

Some captures of the last week in St. Louis...

The great room has lots going on.

Great signage across from Bevo Mill.

The Bevo Mill! Went for brunch with Maria, Big Ger, and Aunt Helen. The building has a rich history and was built by August Busch. It was originally his private dining room and was built midway between the brewery and Grant's Farm. During the prohibition, Bevo (the non-alcoholic "beer" drink) was served there. Busch studied various Dutch windmills before building his own, which is 60 feet in diameter! The building was completed in 1916 for the large sum of $250,000.

The dining room. Sadly, the brunch wasn't so hot, but it was definitely all about the atmosphere. Plus, we had Groupons! So it was, like, totally cheap! :) Either way, I will not be yelping about this one...

The gnomes were exhibited at the Paris exhibition of 1898 and cost $50,000 in 1916. Pretty nice.

Aunt Helen, dad, me.

Mom and Aunt Helen.

Also took in a Cards game. This is an iphone photo of Albert Pujols batting. I swear. I mean, you can tell the stance, right? Also, Brad Penny hit a grand slam home run. Woop!

Pattern on pattern! And new hairs!

This is Hilde cat. She is a scared-y cat.

So she likes to sit here, in her self-imposed jail.

Later, Hilde cat!

Artsy at the airport bar. Will I ever remember to check flight status before I get to the airport?? Delayed, of course...