Sunday, September 25, 2011

Zombies at Astier

We really did make quite an attempt at dinner, despite a prolific jetlag that attempted to take down at least four of us. You know what, jetlag, we had reservations and limited time and a cheese plate calling so you'll have to do better next time!

It's all about sharing at Astier, where you can help yourself to as much herring as you'd like for your starter.   M described it perfectly as the salad bar coming to you!

And the baba au rhum is bar none.  This really doesn't capture the depth of the rum at the bottom of the bowl, so let me tell you that there was plenty.  After a lengthy pour (I think we were sitting there with our mouths open when he finally stopped pouring), the waiter told us that if we wanted more rum just to ask for it!  This is definitely a dessert to be shared.