Sunday, October 2, 2011

Horse Eaters

Oh geez, I am late with the updates.  Nevermind the timing, I assure you our last meal at Verre Vole (with Milosh and Jakob) was top-notch.

And, we tried the horse tartare.


I'd heard it can be tougher than beef, so I was intrigued to try it raw.  It was definitely gamier and more flavorful than a traditional beef tartare.  (Or was it more flavorful because I'm used to the taste of a beef tartare?  hmm...)  It was very lean and almost sweet, as well.  

We all enjoyed it, but poor Melora was visited by a freakish horse-like character in her dreams that night.  Probably the second coming of our delicious Black Beauty.  

Crispy fishies.

Pulpo with green papaya.

Halfway through some squid.