Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't Call It "San Fran"

What a time!  First, a last-minute (for her) meet-up with Kim, who was on her last night before returning to Philly.  Then brunchers and shopping with Stells.  Dinner at Bar Agricole, where an errant dinner "guest" afforded us an extra dessert and where we all passed around Britta on the phone to congratulate her on her darling new Cassidy!  Then there was dinner at Locanda (so so so GOOD) with Casey and the charming Risa.  Then lunch and an afternoon stroll with Lynsey and babycakes Finn--what a doll!  And coffee and shopping with Sachi (has it really been that long??).  And finally, drinks to admire Justine's interior design skills and catch up with Monika, Lou, Tracy and Justin, and Nyja some more.

Though it's been years, I do miss SF bunches.  It really is a singular place.

 Kim and I, not in a sauna.

The best spot.  

 Oh, the glorious figs of northern California!  Here with berries and fresh cheese at Bar Agricole.

(Stolen from Shelby!)  The crew after eats at Bar Agricole.

We stayed at the Phoenix Hotel, which was a little divey, but had a built-in scene (and yummy food) at the bar.

The HOOD.  Either I got soft or the Tenderloin got harder, because the level of crazy was pretty unhinged.  

Bob's donuts... just as good as ever.

Lunch with Lynsey and Finn... look how cute he is!

Sachi pretending to be too cool for coffee.