Sunday, September 4, 2011


J + F were in town this weekend, so we went to all of the haunts.

Candelaria has been heaped with praise since word got out.  And it's all justified.

(My props go to Ashley for discovering this place when it just opened.  I'm sure I would have been a regular by now, but the thought of going without it in those months is just awful.)

As you can imagine, there is a dearth of Mexican food in Paris.  Oh rather, a dearth of good Mexican food.  We are lucky enough to have both El Nopal (good for burritos) and El Guacamole (good meats, but the tortillas are not house-made) in our neighborhood.

And Candelaria, well it's almost in our neighborhood.  I'm not complaining about a 10-minute walk for tacos this good.  And I'm definitely not complaining about the fact that it is both on my way home from work and a realistic (for timing and location) lunch spot.  Yeah, maybe I'm actually sorta bragging about that.

Because once you try these tacos and tostadas, you will want to have them every day.  And that is actually feasible for me.