Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashion Weak

Here I am at CDG, getting ready to board my flight to SFO. (I have to stop in Chicago along the way.) I kept almost posting a snarky status update on FB about how annoying Paris becomes during fashion week, but I couldn't sum it up in one sentence without sounding like a jerk, so I will try here, with a little more space.

During fashion week, the city is different. The "hip" spots that you read about in the NYT or on the fashion/travel blogs are mobbed. It's so rote, so boring. Why don't these people evolve and find new places? If they are the Paris habitués they put on to be, why are they always at the same ol' boring La Perle or Le Progres??

(Disclaimer, I like both of these places, too... just not during fashion week.)

It makes my skin crawl just walking by these crowded terraces during FW, what with all of the peacocking and loud-talking and senses of entitlement. It makes me crabby that I have to wait for an hour to get a seat at Nanashi when all of these people have descended. And I won't even go near Bob's! I went there during FW last time and there was enough kissy-face-ing to almost make me lose my appetite.

I guess what gets me is the way these people (and maybe I am projecting here) go around like they "own the place." There's just so much... fronting.

I mean, I appreciate good people watching as much as the next guy--and some of these people do bring the good styles--but I'm more inspired by the outfits the older Parisian ladies pull together or by the kids who work at that crazy shop on Bretagne with the tv's and the rats, who are probably also pissed that their haunts are full-up right now.

I guess what I'm saying is that Paris is stylish enough without all of the fashion out-of-towners. Is this another post about authenticity? Perhaps.

Well anyway, I'm off to SF to sit this one out.

Au revoir, you snazzies.