Sunday, September 25, 2011

Napa Napa Napa

What a fine time we had in Napa, celebrating the wedding of B + L.  California wine country is exquisite, and we were able to admire it properly at both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.

The rehearsal dinner was exceptional, held at the bride's godfather's house, overlooking some of his 60 acres of vineyards.  This is not his main house but the cottage, which was just perfect in its elegant rusticity (and came complete with kitty tenant).  And the view!  It was like a silent guest, the one you rushed to see first and couldn't stop talking about the rest of the night.

As if all that wasn't lovely enough, then the food came... a lobster boil!  

It was a dream, bibbing up and eating the most indulgent of crustaceans in the glowing light of a fading Napa day.  I kept asking myself, how lucky am I to be a part of this?  Pretty lucky, indeed.

And then the wedding.  It was a small ceremony, held right in the vineyards.  (We snuck a grape or two during...)  The groom was dashing, the bride was beautiful, and their orange and green colors were a perfect manifestation of their effervescent personalities.  Again, I felt lucky to be there.

Look at those pretties!