Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meanwhile, in Brussels...

Nerding out at Bar du Matin.

With B, of course.

 I love your mom??

 Just ducky.

Pretty colors.

Another doorknob for ya, Ant!

Beautiful building off Ave Lepoutre.

More of that lovely building.

I went with B to feed Celia's darling kitties today.  She lives in the most incredible building.  Check out the stairway.  Looking up...

 And down...

C has two kitties called Sammy and Flipje.

Look how cute they are!  And they have the same feeder as Cochino, same color, too.

Yummy times.

They are lucky enough to have an incredible view of Brussels.

I mean...

pretty good....


 And here are some other random things I spotted on the way to Sammy and Flipje's...

And here's one of me n' Chi for good measure.
Chi kinda sorta has glo-bot eyes here.  Don't mess.