Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brussels Weekend, Day 1

Barbar is my new favorite beer.  Amber goodness...

This is the lady who ran and elbowed me out of a seat on the metro.  And her wig is totally goofy.  She was wearing gold adidas, too.  I sorta felt sorry for her after I took this picture, but, well, here it is anyway.


At MONK, by Saint Catherine.

A heart with legs.  Poetic.

So happy to have Felipe here!!  We did it up in style yesterday.  Let's just say he got a great intro to Belgian beers.

Gilded or not, a slave clock is a slave clock.  Time is oppressive, I suppose.

This place has cool chairs and good quiche.

Finally found the jeanneke pis!  The trifecta of voiding statues has been attained!  I have now seen the boy, the girl, and the dog!

Why, why, WHY is there a statue of this?!?  What is the city's obsession with creatures urinating???

Biro throws a coin in for luck.

My favorite picture of the weekend.  I would love to hang out at the mannekin pis and take pics of people taking pics in front of it.

Went to this great bar with a super-long, unpronounceable Flemish name that had all of these creepy marionettes hanging.

Had a pint with these guys.

This lady was the creepiest of all.  Her eyes glowed red.... RED, I tell you!

Pretzel mustaches with Felipe.

Artist's rendering of the mannekin pis in middle age.