Sunday, February 13, 2011


After months of futzing (Gent?  Antwerp?  Bruges?  Antwerp?  Antwerp.), we finally made it to Bruges.  I was worried that it was going to be too touristy for my liking, but despite a few sightings of "Tourist Menu" signs, an overabundance of chocolate shops (not complaining, I swear), and some crap gift stores selling questionable tapestries, that little medieval city really charmed me.  We were practically skipping through the streets, in love with the architectural details and quaintness.  It wasn't overrun with tourists, but maybe because it's the off-season.  All I know is, Bruges may become a required day trip for friends visiting Brussels!

Getting oriented.

I want to live here.

There are lots of religious statues built into the buildings.  B said he read something about it once signifying it as being a convent or residence that would take in the poor...  I dunno, you can ask him more about it.

Fancy gilding.

Charming, right?  It probably looks just as it did 600+ years ago!

Pallin' around Bruges.

Stations of the cross.

See, I told you.

Felipe is charming!

Look at the cat statue on top of the eave.

I mean, that's old.

 As if it's not charming enough, there are canals, too.

Window kitty.

Even the gutters are pretty.

We had to try beer brewed in Bruges.  It was delicious... no surprise there.


Look at this fancy fellow!

This beautiful building actually housed a Zara store.  Lucky Zara.

Guess they moved.

Creepy chocolate treats.

 There it is!  The tower from the movie.  :)

The ceiling at the entrance to the tower.

B & F marveling.

 B can talk about these shoes for over 10 minutes.  Don't ask him unless you've got some time on your hands.  heh.

Love the two guys at the base of the statue enjoying a Saturday afternoon Jupiler.

My favorite picture from my visit.
Cat butt!

...and cat front.

How cute is that Dumon building?

 Scary fountain guy.

I <3 Bruges.

Unpleasantries at the train station.  This was the "nicest" one.  As an outsider, the animosity between the French and the Flemish is mind-boggling.  Can't we all just get along?