Sunday, February 27, 2011

Last Week's Events

Last week was swell!  The weather was a smidge warmer and work wasn't too crazy, so I was able to wander around the Marais and find some new things.

First, geeky chic-y in the elevator.

Loving these bug broaches and necklaces.

This is the courtyard of my work building.  As I walked by one day last week, I saw two kitties roaming around.  As you can imagine, this gave me quite a frisson!  I ran out to ask/tell the primarily French-speaking receptionist about this, and we ended up in a confused conversation, culminating in me writing down "Les Chats" on a piece of paper only to find out she didn't share my verve.  But still, I think she was happy I was happy.  We got off to a weird start, but now we're buddies.  She is learning English and I am always looking to practice my French, so we get on well with our broken languages.

This, friends, is where John Galliano lives.  This is looking out of the window by my desk.  It's no joke! I heard that he's often spotted around in the neighborhood, usually in a pretty tweaky state.  I will increase my surveillance in light of the recent news.  Maybe I will catch him crying in the courtyard or something?  You will be the first to know.

Of course, I am smitten with the koala-print tank at Paul and Joe Sister.  I really like their stuff, but I wish they didn't make it all in China.  Boo.  Still a cute animal print is a cute animal print;  I can look the other way.

I walk by this entryway every day, but I was struck by its majesty the other day.  Also, check out the ghost rushing by.  More on ghosts in a future post...

And here are some windows for you....

Nothing too exciting, but I was just struck by the fact that you couldn't throw a stone through a window without hitting some damn lace.  Especially chunky chemical lace.  I do think the lace short is pretty cute, despite the yucky bunching.

 Look at these chocolates from Georges Larnicol.  (There are better pictures at the link.  Amazing stuff.)  Apparently, the guy is also known for building a chocolate boat.  I don't think I could trust myself to stay afloat on such a boat.... fatty likes her chocolate!  That boat would be in my mouth!

One of the biggest things I love about working in Paris (and the fact that my work is centrally located) is the inspiration I can attain over, say, lunch.  All of the following were taken last Friday when I decided to go the other way down Rue Barbette and stumbled upon all sorts of new things.

Like the Swedish Cultural Center, which is right at the end of my work-street.  I bet Melora could get me in...

Or this African furniture store, which has a sister store selling smaller items, like the swirly recycled rubber bracelets from Mali I won't take off.

And then I found a store entirely dedicated to finger puppets.  It wasn't open, but I'm pretty sure the Pusateri girls need these on their fingers so I'd better sort it out!

And what about this quiche with the giant rounds of cheese on top???  Could I take a piece along in my chocolate boat?

And then I found this confiserie, which is dangerously close to the office.

And you know I like animal handles.

And pretty green doors.

There must be 30+ art galleries in the small blocks near my office.  This is one.

And this is a sculptor's workshop, shot through the fuzzy glass.

Well-worn doors always get me.

As do pigeons napping near nice ornamentation.

Kinda blurs, but loving this Hermes cuff.  (Yes, I am still on my lunch hour.... wandering around... not bad, right?)

And I finally snapped pictures of the Lost Marc'h fragrance store on Vielle du Temple, which has one of my favorite window displays.... obviously.  I bet their perfumes smell pretty good, too.