Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stuff on Walls

Gettin' that scratch at the entrance to the Albert Metro in Brussels.

Frown, it's time to fix those lightbulbs.

Another case of "it's funny, no?"



My legs and that guy.

 Across from the Picasso Museum.

Militant communists get plaque, too.


Now pull the cord, I dare you!

Kitty postage.

Me likey.

This is the courtyard of the school across the street from my work.  (Have I mentioned that a few doors down from this middle school is an old folks' home?  My street is like a life sandwich.  One minute the kids are out, shouting and cavorting, the next an ambulance is pulled up for one of the olds.)  I love, love, love the "Etiquettes" signage, don't you?

SF Guide map, Dirty Harry styleee in the Marais.  Actually, except for the Brussels thing, it's all in the Marais.  Next weekend B and I are gonna left bank it some, too, I swear....