Sunday, March 6, 2011

Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature

Today was a fabulous day.  Though it was still a smidge chilly, the sun was out... as were the people and the dogs!  B and I went to Bob's Kitchen for brunch and were blown away by its delicious simplicity.  It also seemed to be quite the place to be.  We ran into an acquaintance from the states who happened to be dining with Steven Alan.  Fashion week brings 'em all to town!

Afterward, we went to the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature, which happened to be FREE today.  Woop!  Nothing like 12 euros saved!  The museum is a great wander (yeah, I meant "wander" not "wonder"), filled with taxidermy and paintings and weaponry and sculpture.  And it's set up beautifully.  Highly recommended.  My photos don't do it justice, yet here they are.

Pretty stained glass with scenes of the hunt.

Nest eggs.

Zombie bear.


I wish this guy was curled up at my place.

Swirly gardens.


Finally, FINALLY I have found the answer to the burning question of "who let the dogs out"....  Apparently, it's THIS guy!

There were warthogs aplenty at the museum. Sadly, my pictures of the stuffed warthog did not come out.

See, warthog painting on top.  So fancy!

I think the bear just wants a hug.

This is the ceiling of the owl room.  So creepy cool.

This guy looks a little nonplussed.

And this guy probably wasn't the smartest wolf in the pack.

This reminds me of the work of Charles Birchfield, who's one of my favorites.

Wolf mouth.
(A new hipster band?!)

This is a really bad shot (hello, Jodi-shadow!), but check out the hat on that falcon!  Guess falcons get into fashion week, too!

And again, not the best shot but it looks like Byron's trying to break up a marmot fight.  I don't want to see him after the guy on the right launches a mustache attack!

Cute bunny and another angry weasel.  There was not a happy weasel in the place, I swear it!

A couple-a hounds called Blonde and Diane.

Dog paw.

The dog room was my favorite... of course.

These dog collars must have been so heavy.  Poor hounds.

This thieving monkey is acting like the fruit just fell into his hands!  I wasn't born yesterday, monkey!


Is this not the best???  Too bad I cut B's feet off in my haste.  Oh, now that I've told you, of course you see how much better this pic would have been with his feet.

Trophy room 1.

Trophy room 2.

 Trophy room 3.