Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another Lovely Weekend

Here's more stuff I saw/did/ate over the weekend.  This blog is becoming quite formulaic... oh well, I like it!

Whaddup, Kate?  When did you get those face tattoos a la that other fashion plate Mike Tyson?

(Side note, I don't like Kate Moss.  I don't.  I don't think she's all that.  She's bland-looking and her style is blasé.  But I know that's totally just me.  So I kinda like seeing her with face tattoos... at least it's something!)

Gas mask pigeon with extra plumage.

This may be my favorite thing ever.  In fact, it is my new inspiration as I disgustingly realized how much red meat I consume on the regular.  And how bad it is for me, in light of some particular health issues I've had in the past.  When I told Byron of my intended lifestyle change, our conversation went something like this:

Me:  I really need to limit my consumption of red meat.  I had it at two out of three meals today.  So from now on I'm only going to have it once a week.

Byro:  Once a month.

Me:  Once a week.

Byro:  Once every 2 weeks.

Me:  Is lamb red meat??

Argh.  There are fewer things I take greater pleasure in than a good tartare.  And I'd really wanted my next quest to be finding the best cheeseburgers Paris had to offer.  Stupid health and taking responsibility for it.

I found this guy again.   And he brought friends!

Byro sports the new ring that the nicest shopguy at Valentine Gauthier gave us.  If you are not familiar with her designs, you really should acquaint yourself.  I have been a fan for a few collections now, and she always stays true to her aesthetic.  I think she's really great.
(Shout out to Niki Q who loves her, too!)

Le Progres does not disappoint.  Milosh had a killer lamb there, the tartare is top-notch (even if it is only mine for special occasions from now on), and these meaty, briny oysters did the trick for a Saturday afternoon snacker.

Kate Moss-warthog sandwich.  Come to think of it, this basically sums up my weekend... fashion and tusked pigs, with some Byro thrown in for good measure.

A thing of my past.

Old stuff.

This THTF guy took the city by storm recently.  His stuff is everywhere.

Went back to the finger puppet store.  Apparently today was the baby elephant's birthday.  So cute!

This is such a swell jewelry store.  I can't think of the name now, but I have the card somewhere...  And there was a sweet whippet out front to welcome us.

Les chats!

 Worry cat.