Saturday, March 19, 2011


I don't like being a week behind.  Gone are the days when I could post something same-day.  I don't have internet in my new apartment, so I got a 3G plug-in thingy that worked the first time I used it (hence, an update from Paris!), but has been nothing but finicky and a source of frustration since.  (Don't even ask me about my new-ish French phone--the most simplistic, POS, 15-euro phone that continues to outwit me!  Ugh.)

I hope to master the 3G key soon so that I can be on-the-line more often, but until then, here come the updates of all the things in the past week or so from the J&B&C HQ in Brussels.

This, friends, is a cafe gourmand.   It was introduced to me by a fabulous lady from St. Louis who has been in Paris for years... and now whenever I see it on the menu, I encourage whoever I'm with to order it!  The cafe gourmand is a blissful combination of an espresso surrounded by mini versions of desserts.  Mini desserts, people!  Are you listening?!  I mean, peep that mini creme brulee!  It is nearly enough to get me drinking coffee again!  But let's be real, this is not about the coffee.

What the?

Roarrrrr.... in the Sentier.

This little bastard is a real blight on the city.

A new Repetto store for the Marais.  I meant to take a pic of it a week later;  now all of the shoes are down and it's tagged to high heaven.  Figures.

This guy gets around.


Trying not to eat my hair.  Windy times.

I like this one.  B probably does not, but I think he looks cute.

Where I will be next weekend.
A cat-themed art show???  YES.

Thar' she blows!
Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame show.

 Yikes!  I saw another one of these in another part of town and it was equally creepy.

Au Mouton.

This is adorable and depressing at the same time.  And what's with all of the weird "water" stains on the pavement?

This dog looks sorta like June of Tigertree fame.  (NQ--get her a hat and a begging basket and she can earn you some scratch on the side!)

Scenes of St. Paul's...

In-seine-ly beautiful.
har har.

No, but really.  It's lovely.

My new neighbor.