Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fashion Party

I think I could live my life in Das Racist lyrics.  I pretty much always have Rainbow in the Dark going through my head.  I'm serious.  It's a sickness.


Went to a fashion show the other night with Saundra.  It was actually called "Fashion Battle 2011".  Yes, it was.  I have a bracelet (which I was going to keep on indefinitely because I like the wording so but then I remembered that I really am getting too old for that sort of thing) to prove it.  There was a line to get in and a red carpet (they took our pic!) and then we got seated in the front row, right across from the judges' table.  (I sat up straight the whole time!)  

It was great fun, with tons of pictures being snapped and lights glaring and loud music.  And the 7 collections were all very diverse.  I thought there was a clear winner... one guy did a collection that Saundra hit dead-on when she said it was very "Final Fantasy." He had crazy dramatic music (from Requiem for a Dream) and the pacing was slow and dramatic... but the clothes were the most dramatic of all.  I got my camera out just before this guy's collection, but I was so taken with it all I forgot to take any pictures!  I really thought he was the clear winner, but they gave it to another designer (actually a 2-person team) who had some sort of architectural things going on... but they also had a few fit issues (I saw a crotch!)...  I mean, their work was good, but I was really pulling for the Final Fantasy guy. 

And then afterward, there was champagne.  You know I like that.

The scene out front.

 Saundra is smashing in vintage D&G.... look at that amazing fur collar!

Blursville strollin'.

Fashion battle, yo.