Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week #2

Week #2 on the job was good.  Felt much more in the swing of things working in the office than I did working in the store.  The work environment is different, and not only because French is heard predominantly.  (It's pretty cool... most people speak French but cut right to English when, say, I'm around or there is a meeting.  So I'm able to listen and work on my French a bit, which is a big help.  The front desk woman had me fooled into thinking she spoke better English, so now I'm learning the ins and outs of asking about mail delivery, etc. in French.  She also rolls her eyes quite a lot, which seems ultimately French to me.  I love it!)

No one seems to play music at their desks, which makes things seem quiet at the office, but I'm fine with it.  I need to be listening in on the French, really.  And there is a decreed lunch hour--everyone goes from 1 to 2 pm.  Like, the place clears out, sorta like school.  I was used to going to lunch whenever I was hungry, but now this piggy American's got to keep her hunger at bay until 1 pm!

What else?  I will write more about the job as I think of it, but I'm liking it so far.  I was quite busy in my first full week in the office and my boss is pretty hands off.  I've come from an environment where everything I wanted to do had to be approved and scrutinized (more than once, in most cases...) and--sorry to be frank--pissed on, so it felt strange to be empowered to just get in there and DO.  Of course, I check in with my boss, but he's most often too busy to go through things with me, so I just get to work.  It's amazing to feel a level of trust in such a short time.  And the other thing that feels really new for me is that he is always challenging me for new or better ways of doing things!  Imagine, being empowered to say what you think, especially when it's a new/different way of doing things, and not feel like your words turn into vapor.  I am excited to write the process and figure out how to make the company more efficient in regard to fabric.  I am really grateful for the start things are off to.

Of course, it's going to be challenging.  It's going to be long hours and I will mis-step on some things, but I am excited to do and try and give my best to this company.  I am happy to be here.

All that said, here are some scenes of my day-to-day so far in Paris.

 My dinner partner at my local wifi joint.

Walked to the Sentier area the other day with Jean-Michel from work, turned the corner, and THIS appeared!  It is dedicated to the Sun King... but then, isn't everything?

On my way to work, there is art...

 and fancy doors...

and tempting mallow treats...

and security cameras that don't really secure anything.

And that's all just on my 5-minute walk to work each day.  Not bad.