Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back in Brussels

Where a cold one does the trick, even when it's f-f-freezing outside.

We found a bar that looks like it was airlifted straight outta South Philly and plopped down by the Jeu de Balle.  It's called Le Petite Lion and look!, it's totally South Philly!  And, oh yeah, this is a serious ashtray.



More building innards.  I just can't get enough!

A new "friend", who emitted the most disconcerting low growl/moan the whole time I was trying to get a good shot.  I gave up after this, scared he was gonna turn it up a notch and bound down at me.

Our metro station (Albert) has the craziest art.  There's a "moth" theme running throughout with giant moth eggs in some parts and this giant bat-moth in the main hall.  (We always call him "the bat" even though he's totally a moth.... and probably a she-moth at that, what with the babe-in-arms.)  Thought it was super-weird to take B's pic by it... and it was.

They showed me their new tricks...

which didn't amount to much more than this and some serious snuggling.