Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Post in Praise of Antwerp

It is impossible not to be charmed by Antwerp.  Go there and try, I dare you!

I mean, if the train station's that good, you can be fairly certain the rest of the city will not disappoint.

Pretty, pretty Antwerpen-Centraal.

See?  Charming!

I always find myself fantasizing about living there.  And wishing I could pop into the cool apartments with interesting architectural and design details that I spy from the street.  Or better, have one of my own.

The architecture is incredible.

And there's a nice mix of modern, as well.

And they have robotic dogs!

Found this cool "graffiti park" in a new (to us) area of town as we made our way to the RA Concept store (which happened to be closed... boo).

Megan's aglow.

This cracks me up!

Can't go to Antwerp without going to Fiskebar.  Every time... it's so good.

Spotted this vagrant with her plastic-bag wallet in line at the atm.  heh!

Even the Starbucks in the Centraal station is nice.

Training it home.