Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Status Report: Apartment

This is the current state of things 'round the house.  

The extra hanging rack in the bedroom is already filled to the gills.  Need to get some under-bed storage to get the off-season things away.

Unpacked some art yesterday!  There's the fox from Felipe, two foodies from Hawk, two pretty ladies (one with fire-breathing puppies!) from Chau, and a nefarious bunny bank I bought B in Paris a while back.  Can't wait to hang all of these beauties up!

More art!  My SF dog painting from Dave, the Japanese cats from Elizabeth, Refugio from LA, the pretty lady owl from Byron, and the Tim Biskup dog print that I call "Pierre".

Cochino wonders why all this unpacking is taking so long.

Surprise!  It's an outfit post!  Feeling the '80s yesterday... if only the blouse was bigger and boxier!  The jeans are samples from my old company, and they are super-stretchy!  They have an amazing purple acid wash on them.  (Well, Nicki could tell you what it is exactly, I just know it's cool and purple-y!)  The '60s-inspired shoes are super-old Steve Madden.  And the brooch was my grandmother's.  I had this fuzzy, brightly colored faux fur coat back in grade school and I used to have this broach pinned on it.  Me and the broach, we go way back.

Shoes and the purple-y wash, which doesn't look that purple here but trust me, it is!

The broach and a V of ruffles.