Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent Eats

I am obsessed with the lettuce here.  Obsessed, I tell you!  My salad spinner's been going non-stop!  So happy to have a kitchen again...

Lentil salad with red peppers, carrots, parsley, celery and a mustard vinaigrette over such fantastico lettuce!

Salsa verde.  So far I am preferring Alice Waters' recipe to the Moosewood Collective's, but every batch is sorta different anyway.  I mean, it's best to relatively wing it here.

Funny thing.  I don't know all of the translations for the fish and meats in French.  Sure, I know the basics (poulet, dinde, viande... sometimes I even remember that cod is "cabillaud"), but when there are all sorts of fish filets in front of me with mystery names, the only one I can really pick out is salmon.

So my new game is picking out something that looks appetizing (tried this over the weekend with a mystery "pork" from the Ardennes... turned out it was their salt-cured pork--and delicious!), taking it home, and translating it.  So today I picked out some lovely filets of "sebaste".  Care to venture a guess??  Sounds kinda like "sea bass", hmm?  Turns out it's redfish/ocean perch.  Good by me.  I baked it with some fresh lemon and herbs. Yum.  Tune in tomorrow for the next mystery food!

Delicious lettuce with apples, celery, Danish blue cheese, and a honey-balsalmic vinaigrette.

Feelin' owl-y.  Britt gave me this lovely pin when I left Philly.

Window kitteh, 4-evah!