Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amster... damn, they lost!

Dear Amsterdam,
I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot.  But see, I've only really visited to meet with recruiters or go on interviews, so I've been tethered to your Centraal Station each time as there was always a return in sight.  Sure, I tried to explore, shopped a bit--even tried some herring--but you and I both know that we never clicked.  (Perhaps that's why you haven't found a job for me yet.)

Well, last Sunday was magic, Amsterdam.  I know we both felt it.  You were exuberant, oozing orange out onto your sidewalks.  I know this was a big time for you, but still you were quaint and charming (like a first date who didn't get too drunk at my cousin's wedding).  Even though it was your big day, I saw you for who you really are--neighbors leaving their doors open, tiny tapas places, floating gardens, quirky old architecture, boats snaking through the canals... oh, you knew exactly what you were doing, Amsterdam!  I'm so sorry I ever referenced you as a "college campus."  Really I am.  We just weren't able to spend proper time with each other until now.  So please forgive me.


PS--I am still in love with that sandwich from the Hema at the train station.  I've had it 4 times now--twice on this last trip.  I've had it with dark bread and light bread, and though I prefer the dark bread, the light bread ain't half bad, either.  Sometimes I think of it, sitting here in Brussels and I feel sad that I can't just walk out the door and get it.  Not that it needs to be right around the corner, because this is a sandwich I would WALK for.  Oh, would you just hire me, Amsterdam, so I can eat the sandwich every day???

PPS--I didn't know you had so many mosquitos, but it figures with all of the water.  Anyway, it's not a problem.  I'm from the midwest, so I can totally hang.

Sea of orange.  Wish you could hear the techno music that was blaring, as well.  They were showing the game on those giant screens in the background and playing the techno to get everyone (except me) revved up.

Blow up couch.  Complete with beverage holders.

It's like a beer sombrero!  Well done, gentlemen.

Byro's winking because he really wants Paul the octopus to "win."

Nick and Miz (Team "Orange") all dressed up for the game!  Or for their show in Vegas!


Our lovely hosts, Mark and Celia.

My favorite fans.  The guy on the right kept springing up to open his lion mouth/flap, displaying what he hoped would do in the Spanish.

Me in my orange collar.

Loving Celia's apartment.

Aftermath of fireworks outside a Spanish restaurant.

Orange fuzzy worms strewn in the train tracks, the day after.