Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Outfit Post

Well, sorta!

These. Are. My. New. Boots.

(Funny that I came to Europe to buy something Opening Ceremony.  I mean, not that that was my specific purpose in coming here, but you know.)

Nice, right?  I love how they're a little gothy, a little granny, a little woodsman.

And I got them on SALE!  The sales in Belgium are regulated by the government, so all shops must have their sales at the same time.  The sales here are in January and July--and run the entire month of each.  I tell you, I was really good at sticking to my rule of only buying things that I could eat or drink (read:  no clothes!)... until the sales hit.  Does it make it better if I promise to wear these 4 out of 7 days a week come Fall?  Well, I promise!

This is my new skirt.  It's from Cos, H&M's newest concept.  (Oh, and don't mind the crappy bedroom of our crappy temporary apartment.  [The only way for a full-length view in the mirror is to stand on the bed.  Seemingly unnoticed by the diners outside the cafe across the street, I do it often.]  We're moving to our real apartment on Friday!  Woop!)

Do you know about Cos?  It's my new favorite.  Print and pattern take a backseat to interesting silhouettes and cuts.  It's very modern, yet very timeless.  Not trendy, but quite fashion-forward.  Because there is little print/pattern, some of the pieces feel like updated basics.  And some of them are just that--a black cardigan with a slightly ruffled drop shoulder, for example.  But others are made of extremes of fabric (coated cotton crochet "lace", starchy power mesh, neoprene) or cut that I think the unsung heros of Cos are their technical designers.  I can't imagine cutting some of these patterns!

Anyway, the quality's better than H&M; they push the fabric boundaries much farther; and the prices are still quite reasonable.  So if it's on sale..., I'm sold!

Also wearing my White Rabbits t-shirt, which makes me feel like a sell-out because I thought their second album was booooooooooooring (except for that "Percussion Drum" song).  But I honestly like the graphic on the shirt, and so it made the cut of what would be brought with me to wear for the 3 months until our things arrive here.

The shoes also have become a staple of my wardrobe of the past 3 months.  They are Comme des Garcons/Heschung, and I got 'ems in Hong Kong last year.  They are the most comfortable (and cute!) shoes, and I feel bad that I've worn them into the ground here.  I just need someone to give them a new gold polish, and they'll be good as new.

So that's the rundown for now.  Back to more Brussels haps.