Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudule

Yes, yes, another church....
Well, liven up!  This is the CATHEDRAL, friends.  Featuring my new favorite saint:  St. Gudule!  Don't even pretend like you knew the story of the devil blowing out her lamp (we all know you're not as up on your 7th century AD saints as you should be).  Act not like you knew she was a patron saint of Brussels (along with that macho Michael the Archangel).  Anyway, Gudule gives me so many indie rock saint points, because she was basically forgotten but I checked out her early stuff and I'm totally bringing her back.

Anyway, here are some photos of the church.  And here are some BETTER photos (along with some history), not taken with an iPhone and not taken by me.

St. Gudule!

St. Michael.

They have these loungers just outside of the church.  I reclined here for a while and read a book and nobody even bothered me.  So nice.

And here is my latest discovery!  How to drink Get 27 without feeling like you're drinking mouthwash.  You cut it with some San Pellegrino!  I assume it's quite refreshing on a hot day because multiple people at L'Archduc in Chatelain were rocking some glowing green bevvies.  Much better than when we tried to take it straight that one time in Paris.  Blech.