Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today Is The Day

I'm coming clean.

It's fairly obvious that I'm pretty taken with all things cute and furry, especially when in the form of cats or dogs.  This in and of itself is not so abnormal, and I've got enough friends similarly smitten with cute baby animals to make me feel pretty alright about it.

When I started Instagram-ing, I found bonkers pictures of poodles with blowouts, big-eyed cats, and tiny dogs with bigger wardrobes than me... most all from Japan.  I also found photos directly from the cat cafes of Tokyo.  I fell immediately in love with all of the kitties dining ensemble...

But really, I found myself swooning over the same cat again and again:  DANIEL.

Daniel is a Persian kitten and, dare I say, the most adorable resident of the cat cafe Kitty Box.  He has become my prize in the Cracker Jack box that is Instagram.  When a shot of Daniel pops up, I sense it will be a good day.  (Or if it's not, I've got a piece of fluffy adorableness to look at when shit goes south.)  He's not my "type", for sure--he's too white, too fussy-looking.  But scroll below and I think you will see that there's more to Daniel than his looks.  This cat has character;  note the intensity in his eyes... and his contortioning!  Someone get this guy a Fancy Feast commercial!!  But my favorites are when he looks a little rough--fur mussed and tear stains evident.  Like he's definitely had his paw in the, erm, cookie jar.

So without further adieu, I give you Daniel:

Now please, try not to obsess.