Sunday, February 26, 2012

Around, Lately

They finally finished the Spring windows at the Tsumori Chisato boutique on Rue Barbette.  It's all tropical up in there now.  I am loving the lizards and new prints that are on the photo-montaging tip, but in a distinctly Tsumori way.  

And then I happened by the Ladurée store on Rue Royal to see this!  Limited edition Tsumori Chisato macaron boxes.  It's a Tsumori world and we all just live in it.  (I wish.)

Just when I had sworn off Ladurée in order to avail myself of the other fine purveyors of macarons in this city, they entice me with a box like this.  But to be honest, those boxes are for the Asian tourists who (are the worst to get stuck behind in line and) drop some mad yen/yuan on treats from Paris.  As for me, they could just put the damn macarons directly in my palm/mouth as I indulge immediately, though I usually end up with a bag.  Whatever.

On a side-side note, I tried some Jean-Paul Hévin macarons this weekend.  His flavors are pretty basic (which I am not opposed to), the most interesting being creme brulee.  I'll tell you, he beats Laduree big-time on the chocolate tip, but I think they've got him on vanilla.  Pistachio was a toss up because Hévin halves his with chocolate, making it an unfair fight.  Despite this, I give the pistache prize to Hévin.  It's gloves off, gentlemen.

I lunched next to this guy at  Le Loir dans La Théiere on Friday.  He looks like the 4th musketeer with that hairdo, no?  Speaking of Le Loir, it has the most fabulous savory tarts and desserts.  I had a pumpkin and blue d'auvergne savory and then a chocolate sweet tart.  Just check out these images and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I am really feeling these needlepoint, southwestern horse totes in the window at Shine.  The window was en cours when I snapped this, so I'll have to check for the creator on Monday.

Upper Marais antique store.

Is that like the House of Pain?
Surely not.

Have I grumped on here about how Republique is an absolute mess these days?  There's a big project on to expand it, make it more pedestrian friendly, etc.  (Which is just going to mean more bum-friendly, let's be real.  I've seen the trashcan fires burning.)  Well, the whole thing's torn up now, and they keep re-routing us pedestrians farther and father out on rougher and rougher ground, adding precious minutes onto our morning commutes (and mud and grime onto our nice shoes).  I mean, look at this mess!  Apparently, the pizza place just had the truck dump its saffron right out front!  What else were they to do?

And this guy seems to be wondering how the hell he ended up where he did.  Actually, I saw him following what looked to be his old route, when he suddenly woke up in the midst of concrete barricades.   Poor soul.

Foggy tower seen from the Place de la Concorde.

 Serious chains on Place de la Concorde.

This guy was overjoyed when he thought I might actually enter his store.  He was all a-wiggle!  Alas, I just took his photo and moved on.  Sorry bub, maybe if you had better product...