Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eats, Recently

Look!  He comes with a bunny-shaped holder!

Nothing says love like some bunny pate and a heart-shaped chevre.
Combining the rabbit pate with some Maille truffle mustard made this some next level ish.

An afternoon break with B at Hediard, looking out on Place Madeleine.  Fancy times.

Hediard is a gourmet grocery on Place de la Madeleine selling all sorts of gourmet spices (like cheveux du diable), tea, jams, jarred or dried meats, and wine.  They are known for their pates de fruits, so I like to pop in for a few when I am in the area.  They usually have samples out of tea or sausage or lemon curd or things, which always makes a visit worthwhile.  I usually end up ogling the fancy prepared food and the artfully arranged (and shined) produce.  I just can't imagine who actually buys the produce at Hediard.  Come to think of it, maybe it's plastic...?

Rabbit wrapped in bacon and stuffed with figs and pate from the boucherie on Rue de Bretagne.  I am a new regular there.

Halved to share with B.

Fancy breakfast:  scrambled eggs with caviar and creme fraiche.  Even though you can get a jar of caviar  for about 5-7 euros (just the regular stuff, nothing fancy), it still feels like an indulgence having it around.  And since you should finish it in a day or two, I really enjoy those weekends where I have some caviar at every meal.  Today was pretty much a sweatpants and caviar kind of day.  And that's the best.