Sunday, February 19, 2012

Last Week in Paris

It was bananas!  Sure, it was PV and Texworld.  But mostly it was Byron and Melora and Jakob and Miette and David (with some Simon thrown in for good measure).  There was much eating and drinking and general go-go-going.  Weeks like this are the closest my life gets to the vernacular concept of "rockstar."  We're talking about indulging every night--with entrees, plats, and desserts.  And with things like rhubarb wine and prune eau de vie.  Let's hope all of the sweets and booze don't land permanently at hip-level.  

Mina/Cochino photo shoot.  (See, I told you she loves to sit under the laundry teepee.)

Dee-rish Pink Flamingo buffet when we were all too cozy to go out for dinner.  Nothing like watching some crap US television and having a pizza party with your good friends.

Cochino prepares to organize swatches from the fabric shows (read:  nap). 

Simon with the obscenely big bowl of chocolate mousse.  Listen L'Ambassade d'Auvergne, you're like the French equivalent of the Cracker Barrel with this stuff.

At least 3 glasses per person.

More mousse.

Ending a night at Le Cinqante.  Mina has the right idea here.