Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sweater Celebration

It feels like Spring is in the air here in Paris, though it's still February.  The days are getting longer and the sun has even made its presence known again.  Though it's nearly Spring and all of the shops windows are full of sandals and springier things, I want to give a shout out to my favorite sweaters of the past season.

The first two come from Moonchild.  I was lucky enough to get not one, but two--TWO!--sweaters from Moonchild for Christmas!  (It was a "Very Moonchild Christmas" at the Everdingleston residence this year.)  The brand was created by a former April77-er and is handmade of alpaca yarn in Peru.  There's sort of a hippie/mystical/unisex thing going on, which may not be totally "me" but which I dig.  I mean, what's sexier than a hairy man in a handknit deer intarsia sweater?  With fringe.

I love the condor on the back.  

Beautiful, right?

The last sweater comes all the way from South Korea... though it was from the States originally.  Leave it to me to go all the way to Asia to buy an American sweater.  But as you can see, this sweater is rad enough to not be mad for long about the distance between its place of origin and its place of purchase.

Handknit horses!  With a black-and-white stripy border!

Sorry for the photoverload, but isn't this sweater the b-e-s-t??

And it's 100% cotton and dry-handed and substantial but not too heavy.  Just in case the horses weren't enough.