Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shanghai Wrap-Up

Bringing it on home to Paris.

 Shanghai style fried (top, duh) and soup-dumplings with pork and crab roe.

Fabric ladies at a supplier dinner.  (Where we ate crocodile!)

The worst bludgeoning of French, ever.

Hangover relief.  Pocari Sweat is a must, and the cool cucumber chips didn't hurt either.  

It's encouraged to get yourself some new red undies for good luck in the new year.  Especially if you are a dragon and this is your year.

And look who finally made an appearance:  the pink puppy!  Pink puppy don't mess around in the cold weather, apparently.  But there she was, quickly overseeing her mom count the day's cash.  My trip was not for naught, after all!

And the Aeroports de Paris were feeling festive for CNY upon my return.  Love the dragon on the tower!